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Parkside Offices are now appointment only.

Please call 01664 502502 or email if you need to book an appointment. Check out what other services are currently impacted by Covid-19

Coronavirus Council Updates

Community Support Hub - Covid-19

The Melton Borough Covid-19 Support Hub has been created to coordinate, help and support residents across the borough during the coronavirus outbreak. The hub will provide a place where businesses, group and individuals who want to help and can offer services, and those who need help can be brought together. 

Within the Covid-19 Support Hub both residents and businesses can find relevant and up-to-date information and guidance. In addition, residents who have unmet needs and require additional support can request this through the support hub.

We encourage businesses, organisations and individuals to contact us regarding any support they can offer by contacting  Allowing us to coordinate and match the support where it is most needed within the community. 

Please use the hashtag #Here4Melton to promote the Community and Business Support Hub (Covid-19).

Please note: We are continually reviewing the latest information and updates will be made as we become aware of them.


This page was last updated on 01.04.20