Melton Borough Council

Order a new bin

Order a new bin


All the containers used for the refuse and recycling service are provided by the council. Only council provided containers can be emptied so please contact us if you are missing any of them or need additional recycling bins.

Additional bins 

Additional black bins are only issued when there are five or more people living at the property

Change your bin size

To swap from a 240 litre (normal sized) bin to a 140 litre (smaller) will cost you £15.30. 

Lost or stolen bins

If your wheeled bin, or any of the containers provided by the council is stolen, or just goes missing, then please let us know so we can arrange replacements free of charge. We require a crime number for stolen bins.

To prevent loss or theft of containers residents are reminded that containers need to be returned to a secure place after collection.

Damaged bins 

If the resident has damaged the bin through their own fault ie. Put hot ash in it so it sets on fire, this would be £37 per bin to replace.

How long it takes to replace your bin 

You will get your new bin within 3 weeks of the request being made.