Melton Borough Council

Pre-application advice

We can offer pre-application advice for householders and developers.  For smaller proposals we try to respond to requests within 10 days of receiving the form and fee

Sometimes we will need to arrange a meeting to discuss the application in more detail or we will give you advice over the phone or in writing. 

The advice we give you may include:  

Land use

  • If proposals are in line with the National, Regional and Local planning policy framework, if it is not, how they could be justified
  • If the site is covered by any specific policies or covered by any other designations or safeguards
  • If proposals take account the impact on local needs and facilities, for example the impact on transport, education or community use and how a S106 Agreement or Obligation might mitigate against such effects


  • The characteristics of the existing site and surrounding context
  • The architectural approach including the height, scale, massing and materials
  • The environmental impact of the development including sustainable design and construction
  • The design of the public realm including open space and landscape treatment


  • Provide advice on the Council’s affordable housing and housing supply requirements
  • Conservation
  • The impact your proposal may have on a listed building or, if within a conservation area, an unlisted building on or near the site
  • When a proposal is in or adjoining a conservation area, in our opinion the development would preserve or enhance the character and appearance of that conservation area


  • Where there are any trees or hedgerows that are protected and require special treatment
  • How the council’s public open space policies will impact on your proposal and whether a financial contribution under a S106 agreement might be appropriate
  • If, the proposal is within a flood plain, whether it is feasible to build in the area or advise on the level of mitigation required.
  • Habitats regulations/ Environmental Impact Assessment information


  • Advice about which other agencies you need to speak to e.g. County Council, Natural England etc.
  • In the opinion of the Council, any further information that would require submission with a full planning application
  • In respect of larger more complex development proposals we will also agree a timescale with you for the production of the written confirmation advice given by us at any meeting and/or site visit. If this is part of a pre-arranged block of meetings, we will also agree milestones for the delivery of further information or the arrangement of future meetings will be discussed.

Download the pre-application advice form here and the pre-application advice fees here.