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Residents' Survey 2019

Results of the 2019 Residents' Survey

Back in June of this year, Melton Borough Council worked with Marketing Means Ltd. to undertake a Residents' Survey. A postal survey was sent out to a random sample of 5,000 households across the local authority area. Alongside this, an identical survey was conducted face-to-face, in-street with 18-34yr residents in Melton Mowbray, in recognition that the response from this age group in the postal survey was likely to be low. A total of 1,708 valid surveys were completed across the postal and face-to-face surveys, this figure being above our target response rate.

The purpose of the survey was to gauge satisfaction with Council services and the area where people live, as well as asking about preferred methods of communication from and with the Council. The results have been used to inform the development of our new Corporate Strategy 2020-2024. Specifically, allowing us to see where the community feel our priorities and focus should be.

Additionally, we will use these results as a way to measure our service improvement over the next four years. Allowing us to analyse if the changes we make, with regards to the new Corporate Strategy, have been successful and had the desired impact.

From the results, we now have a greater understanding of how our community wishes to be engaged. Moving forward, we will ensure ‘preferred methods’ start to play a greater role in our communications. This will help us to promote democracy and community involvement in Council decision-making.

You can view our key findings here. 

If you require any further information or would like to request a copy of the full report, please email