Discretionary payments

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) and Discretionary Council Tax Support (DCTS) are short term awards for people in extreme financial hardship to help you meet your housing or council tax costs.

What are Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs)?

DHPs can help if you need help with paying your housing costs (for example, rent, moving costs, rent deposits and rent in advance). They are paid by us in addition to any housing benefit you receive. 

In order to qualify you must;

  • be in receipt of housing benefit  or
  • be entitled to the housing element in the assessment of your Universal Credit award. 

What is Discretionary Council Tax Support (DCTS)?

DCTS can help if you need help to pay your Council Tax bill. They are paid by us in addition to any Council Tax support you receive. Normally you must receive Council Tax support to apply for DCTS however there are a few other situations where you can apply if you do not receive Council Tax support.

If you have not already made a claim for Council Tax Support please do this before making a discretionary application for help with Council Tax.

You can make an application online below, please ensure you answer all questions with as much detail as possible.

Last updated 17 May 2023
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