Information on Coronavirus

Event management

Organising events and notifying the relevant authorities

Event organisers are responsible for and should ensure that all necessary permissions and licences are in place before an event goes ahead.  Event Safety Group members, including Leicestershire County Council, Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Services, East Midlands Ambulance Services and Melton Borough Council should also have been notified as part of your event planning process. 

You must ensure you have the permission of the land owner before organising your event. 

Event notification form

You should complete the Event Notification Form and submit it to our environmental health team by emailing:

Your Event Notification Form will be distributed to all Event Safety Group Members, who may contact you for further information. 

Please Note: The responsibility of running a safe and compliant event remains with the event organiser. It is their responsibility to ensure all licences, insurance and management procedures are in place.

Covid 19 management

All event organisers are requested to also complete the COVID 19 event planning form and return it with the above event notification form.

Last updated 17 August 2021
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