Local land charges searches

Land charges property searches are part of the conveyancing process when a property is bought, sold or remortgaged.  We are responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges register and for providing Official Local Authority Searches from the register as well as other records held by the Council.  These can include any:

  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Smoke Control Orders
  • Listed Buildings.

There are two methods of making a search:

  • Standard local land charges search: which is usually made up of two parts (LLC1 and Official Certificate of Search)
  • Standard searches of the Local Land Charges Register in Leicestershire

The Leicestershire Searches service allows people to request Local Land Charges Searches for all properties in Leicestershire in one place, making the process quicker and simpler.

List of fees and charges

All prices include VAT unless stated otherwise 

Service  Residential  Commercial 
LLC1 only (no VAT)  £30.00 £43.70
LLC1 additional property/parcel  £1.10 £1.10
CON29  £158.30 £210.60
CON29 additional property/parcel £27 £27
Full Search (LLC1 and CON29) £188.30 £254.30
Full Search each additional property/parcel £28.10 £28.10

CON29 Optional (questions 4-21)

(question 22 - Common Land )  





Personal Searches

Anyone can inspect the Local Land Charges Register at Parkside by arranging an appointment (available between 10am till 4pm) with the Land Charges team on 01664 502502 or email landcharges@melton.gov.uk

Personal searches are provided free of charge under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, we have 20 working days to respond to these requests

What we need:

  • 48 hours’ notice
  • the name of the person or company carrying out the search
  • the full address of the property, with the area to be searched clearly outlined in advance of the appointment

It is the responsibility of the person carrying out the search to identify relevant information and make notes.  We can only offer factual clarification on matters. There is a right to inspect the registers, however, there is no right to copy this information by the way or use of cameras, mobile phones, digital pens or by the use of USB memory sticks) extracting copies in such a manner is not allowed, as you would be in breach of copyright under, The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Copies of Searches are charged at £11.40 (inc VAT) 

To request a copy please email landcharges@melton.gov.uk

Last updated 3 April 2024
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