Empty property charges

Some properties may receive a statutory exemption or a local discount whilst standing empty.

Where an empty property does not qualify for such an exemption or discount, certain charges will apply, depending on the individual circumstances

As from 01 April 2019 once a property becomes unoccupied and substantially unfurnished, then a 100% charge will be levied against the person entitled to possession (prior to 01 April 2019 when the policy was changed, the maximum period was 30 days).

Second homes will be subject to 100% council tax charge.

Premium for empty properties

Between April 2013 and March 2019, a dwelling that had been standing empty for two years attracted a premium charge of an extra 50% of the council tax for which the property is banded. However, a premium charge will not be applied where a specific exemption applies or, where the dwelling:

  • is the sole or main residence of a member of the armed services who is absent as a result of such service
  • forms part of a single property which is being treated by a resident of that property as part of the main dwelling, for example an annex

Since The Council meeting of 13 February 2019 resolved to amend the Premium charges to be applied to properties that have remained empty and unfurnished, as shown below:

  • 100% extra (for properties empty for 2-5 years) from 1st April 2019
  • 200% extra (for properties empty for 5-10 years) from 1st April 2020
  • 300% extra (for properties empty for 10+ years) from 1st April 2021

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Last updated 2 November 2021
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