Overpayment of housing benefit

If your tenant has been paid too much housing benefit that they have to repay and they are still entitled to some housing benefit we will recover the overpayment from any future housing benefit payments. This means they will receive less housing benefit until the amount is fully repaid.

If you are receiving the housing benefit payments then we will write to you to tell you how much will be deducted from their normal benefit payments. Your tenant will need to pay any shortfall in the rent to you.

If housing benefit stops and you were receiving housing benefit direct to you then you will both be notified of any overpayments that have been identified and what your appeal rights are.  In these circumstances any overpaid housing benefit may be legally recoverable from you or your tenant.

After one calendar month we will decide who the correct person to recover the overpayment from is. We will notify you if the overpayment is to be recovered from you.

Last updated 2 November 2021
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