Sharing information with landlords

Sometimes, sharing information with you helps us to deal with your tenant's claim quickly. It may also reduce the risk of your tenant falling behind with their rent because their claim is delayed.

We can share information with you only if your tenant has agreed that their housing benefit can be paid directly to you. Under the Data Protection Act we need the tenant's permission to share information.

The information we can share with you is:

  • Whether or not your tenant has claimed Housing Benefit and, if so, whether we have made a decision on their claim or not
  • Whether we need more information to make a decision on your tenant's claim, and if so what information this is

We may need to check with you other information about your tenant's claim, such as the date their tenancy started, before we can make a decision on their claim. If so, we will ask you even if your tenant has not given us permission to discuss their claim with you.

We cannot give you information about:

  •  Your tenant's personal or household circumstances 
  •  Your tenant's financial circumstances

For us to share information with you, your tenant needs to give us permission by ticking a box on the claim form or giving us a permission letter.

Last updated 2 November 2021
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