Find out what enforcement agents do

An Enforcement Agent is commonly known as a Bailiff. They might be instructed to collect the Council Tax debt owed by you, to the council.

If we refer your Council Tax account to an Enforcement Agent for collection, you will incur additional costs as follows:

  • £75 compliance fee

You have 7 days from receiving the "Notice of Enforcement" to contact the Bailiff to either make payment to them or agree an arrangement to pay. Failure to make contact would result in:

  • £235 enforcement fee and 7.5% of any sum to be recovered exceeding £1,500

The Bailiff will visit you and enforce payment by "taking control of your goods", which may be sold at auction to pay off your Council Tax debt and all the fees you have incurred in the process.

Additional costs or fees incurred at sale/disposal stage of:

  • £110.00 + 7.5% of any sum to be recovered exceeding £1,500 plus any exceptional disbursements

This used to be called "levy" and "distress" previously and the fees charged were different.

Last updated 2 November 2021
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