The 2023 Boundary Review

Boundary Commission for England (BCE) published its initial proposals for new constituency boundaries. From 8 June until 2 August 2021, BCE held an eight-week consultation, allowing you to share your knowledge about your local area. BCE considers every piece of feedback that it receives, whether that is about where the constituency boundaries should be or the name of the constituency.

The proposals and maps for the nine English regions have been published on their website (see external link).

From Tuesday 22 February to Monday 4 April 2022, the secondary consultation on the initial proposals for new constituencies in England was held. During this consultation the Boundary Commission held 32 public hearings across the country.

The BCE has now analysed all the responses submitted during the first and secondary consultation stages. The BCE has produced a report deciding whether the proposals should change based on the feedback they received.

From the feedback received from the first and secondary consultation stages the BCE held a four week written final consultation from 8 November 2022 to 5 December 2022.

The BCE have analysed the feedback from the final consultation and produced their final report and recommendations.


The report and supporting documents are available to view online. (see external link)


Last updated 28 June 2023
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