Report dog fouling

If you witness dog fouling, dog mess or someone not picking up dog mess on public land, you can report the incident to us using the online form. 

If you can identify the perpetrator, you may also want to consider providing a formal witness statement which may allow us to take further action.

Dog fouling and public space protection orders

Promoting responsible dog ownership

We consulted on a Public space protection order (PSPO) to promote responsible dog ownership. The PSPO was approved by the council’s Cabinet on 30 October 2019.

The PSPO includes the following measures.

  • Prevention of dog fouling on public land. The Fixed Penalty Notice for dog fouling is now £100
  • Dogs to be excluded from enclosed children’s play areas.
  • Requiring people to have dog bags or the means to pick up after their dog.
  • Require people to put dogs that are causing a nuisance, or are out of control, on a lead when requested by an authorised officer

Anyone who breaches the PSPOs may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100.  There is also a maximum fine of £1000 if the case reaches the Magistrates’ Court.

Find out more about public space protection orders.

Last updated 12 October 2022
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