Reporting a lost, found or stray dog

To report a lost, found or stray dog please telephone 01664 502502. This service runs Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, with a reduced service at weekends.

Customer Services will maintain a register to try to reconnect owners and their dogs or contact the kennels who will collect the dog within 2 hours.

If your dog has been collected by the kennels then a charge will be made to cover the cost of recovery. If your dog is microchipped it makes it easier for you to be reunited.

Dogs running loose

Unfortunately the dog warden cannot come out to search for a dog that is running loose.

Captured dogs

If your dog is captured it will be taken to kennels and there is a fee payable for collection.

Microchipping your dog

By law a dog in a public place must be wearing a collar and identification with its owner's name and address on and it must be microchipped. Owners can be fined £500 if this is not the case.

Microchipping is now recognised as the most effective and secure way of permanently identifying a pet. A unique identification number is registered to the animal and the owners' details are placed on a national database. It is estimated that less than half of all dogs that go missing each year are reunited with their owners.

Getting your dog microchipped and keeping the details up to date gives the assurance that should they become lost (or be stolen) they are more likely to be returned to you safe and sound.

Other ways to find your dog

You may also want to use social media to try to find your dog.  Local Facebook or Twitter groups are useful for reaching people in the local area.


Last updated 22 December 2022
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