Report an abandoned vehicle

How to identify an abandoned vehicle

  • The vehicle has not been moved for a long period of time (over 3 weeks).
  • The vehicle has no known owner.
  • The vehicle is in poor condition and continues to deteriorate or be vandalised.
  • The vehicle has been left unlocked or is causing an obstruction.

The following vehicles are not likely to be abandoned:

  • A neighbour’s vehicle which has been parked persistently in front of your house or somewhere that you consider to be your parking space.
  • A vehicle which has been parked inconsiderately.
  • A vehicle which has no road fund (vehicle tax) but is parked or being driven on a public highway and appears to be roadworthy.

Vehicles that have no road tax can be reported online by going to the government website.

If you have an old vehicle to dispose of most of the local car breakers will collect free of charge and may even pay you for the vehicle.

Who is responsible?

We are responsible for the removal of abandoned vehicles.

We will investigate all vehicles that are reported to us as abandoned, provided that the vehicle has been at the location for more than 3 weeks. We can remove and dispose of abandoned vehicles under the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005. The legal process of removing vehicles can take up to 4-6 weeks.

The police can remove abandoned vehicles, but generally do so only where they are stolen, causing an obstruction or are in a dangerous position on the highway.

The DVLA can clamp and remove untaxed vehicles on the highway

What if a parked vehicle has been left but I know who the owner is?

We would not be able to class the vehicle as being abandoned under the legislation we use if:

  • the vehicle has been left, and the owner is known or;
  • the car is causing a nuisance and it is reparked,

Vehicles parked on the highway that are untaxed can be reported to the DVLA.

Vehicles parked on the highway that have no MOT can be reported on the Police website or by calling 101. 

Vehicles that are causing issues or are involved in causing an obstruction, parking disputes, designated parking spaces, parking on your driveway, blocking your driveway or illegal parking can be reported to the Police via their website or by calling 101.  

Last updated 25 June 2024
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