Smoke and Bonfires

Bonfires and smoky BBQs can cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties.

The smoke and smell can prevent hanging out washing, opening windows, and the use of outdoor areas by others. 

The burning of trade or commercial waste is illegal.

Bonfire advice

You should only have a bonfire as a last resort.

Instead you could use alternative methods to dispose of waste, such as:

  • recycling collection service
  • compost garden waste
  • local recycling and household waste sites


If you do need to have a bonfire there is some advice you can follow:

  • talk to your neighbours before you light your bonfire
  • be aware that other residents may also have regular bonfires, if each resident had a bonfire a month, it could result in a bonfire every day, which could be unreasonable. 
  • burn material in small amounts
  • consider using an incinerator rather than an open bonfire
  • choose the location of your bonfire carefully
  • have a spade, fork or hose pipe ready in case you need to extinguish the bonfire quickly
Do Not
  • burn damp grass cuttings or other damp garden waste as this will produce thick smoke
  • light a bonfire when neighbours have hung out their washing or are enjoying their gardens. Be considerate
  • light a bonfire if the wind is blowing in the direction of your nearest neighbour. Only light a bonfire if the wind is blowing away from your neighbours
  • leave a bonfire unattended. Never leave a bonfire once it is alight
  • allow your bonfire to smoulder for long periods of time, especially overnight. Ensure that you rake over the ashes to ensure the bonfire is extinguished
Last updated 12 October 2022
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