Housing associations

Housing associations are similar to local authorities as they provide homes at affordable rents. Housing associations also build new homes, and convert and improve existing properties.

Housing associations are voluntary organisations that do not trade for profit. They provide homes at affordable rents and in some cases will specialise in certain types of accommodation. They often compliment the availability of accommodation that is already supplied by local authorities. 

Housing associations operate in a very similar way to Local Authorities and have waiting lists for accommodation.

Housing associations provide a variety of accommodation types for rent, as well as 'low cost' shared ownership accommodation.

List of housing associations

Longhurst & Havelock
Muir Group Housing Association
Website: www.muir.org.uk
Tel: 0300 123 122
80 Lightfoot Street, Chester CH2 3AL
Nottingham Community Housing Association 
Website: http://www.ncha.org.uk/
Rowlinson Court, 6 Heathley Park, Leicester, LE3 9EQ 
Tel: 0800 0138555 
PA Housing 
Website: www.pahousing.co.uk
Tel: 0845 389 1777
3 Bede Island, Leicester LE2 7HN
Riverside Housing Association
Website: www.riverside.org.uk
Tel: 0845 111 0000
49 Western Boulevard, Leicester LE2 7HN
Rural Housing Trust
Website: www.ruralhousing.org.uk
Tel: 020 7935 5042
54 Weymouth Street, Marylebone, London W1G 6NU
Stone Water
Website: www.stonewater.org
Tel: 01202 319119


Last updated 2 November 2021
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