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Home energy

There are a number of ways to get help to reduce energy costs. Energy Saving Trust offer energy efficiency tips and Citizens Advice provide information on changing your energy supplier.

In addition, your energy provider can sometimes help you reduce your costs, and it can be beneficial to get in touch with them directly.

Street Home Solutions offer householders advice on improving the energy efficiency of your home and providing help to access grants for energy efficiency measures. You can contact Street Home Solutions on 01604 740950 for more information.

Support with energy supply issues for vulnerable groups

If you have a health issue that would be affected by disruptions to your energy supply contact:

  • For electricity: National Grid and sign up to their register for support in the event of a power cut 
  • For gas: contact Cadent Gas.

Green Living Leicestershire scheme

If your home has an Energy Performance Rating (EPC) of either D, E, F, or G and your household income is lower than £31,000 per annum you may be eligible for a grant through the Green Living Leicestershire scheme, which aims to raise the energy efficiency of low energy performance homes, including off-gas grid homes.

This grant can help you improve the warmth and comfort of your homes, whilst also reducing your energy bills and carbon emissions.

You can find out more about this local scheme delivered in partnership by the district and county council of Leicestershire on the Leicestershire County Council website.

Last updated 4 September 2023
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