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Rural Food Hub Network

The Rural Food Hub Network, funded by UKSPF, aims to supports residents living in our rural areas of Melton Mowbray with emergency food and other essential items.

This network operates by a voucher based system only – if you or someone you know is struggling due to financial hardship and require food/essential items, you can access this support by contacting The Community Support Hub.

A member of the team will contact you to assess your financial situation, and whether you are eligible for this support. Once assessed, and deemed eligible, you will be sent a voucher, either electronically or via post. You will also receive information relating to where your nearest food hub is.

From the 26th February 2024 we will be operating in the following venues:

  • Gaddesby Village Hall
  • Goadby Marwood Village Hall
  • Great Dalby Village Hall
  • Long Clawson Village Hall

More venues will be added across the Borough of Melton from March 2024. These will be added as soon as they are operational.

If you require further information relating to this project please contact The Community Support Hub on 01664 502 342 or email here4melton@melton.gov.uk

Leicester South Foodbank

Frequently asked questions

How do I access this support?

To access this support you will need a voucher. You can get a voucher by contacting Melton Borough Council's Community Support Hub via email: here4melton@melton.gov.uk or by telephone: 01664 502342.

How often can I access this support?

This is dependant on your individual circumstances, which will be assessed when you contact The Community Support Hub for a voucher.

I don't have a hub in my village?

You can still receive this support, when contacting The Community Support Hub for a voucher you will be directed to the nearest hub to your address.

Who is eligible for support?

People who are in financial hardship, whether employed or unemployed, it is open to anyone, individual or families, in the Borough of Melton who are struggling financially.

What type of food is available?

Non perishable -  tins, packets etc.

What if I need other items e.g. sanitary products?

These are also available on request, you must ask when requesting a voucher.

What if I have a family, will I get enough food to feed them?

Yes, you will be asked whether this request is for an individual or family at the point of requesting a voucher.

Last updated 12 February 2024
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