Assets of Community Value

Assets of Community Value Legislation provides an opportunity for community groups to protect local assets that are important to them. This could include a:

  • Village shop
  • Pub
  • Community Centre
  • Children's Centre
  • Allotment
  • Library
  • Cinema
  • Recreation ground

We publish a register of all the Assets of Community Value within the borough, which you can download below.

If you want to nominate an asset of community value please fill in our Community right to bid nomination form (below) and email it to us at:

Selling and purchasing an asset of community value 

If an owner of a building listed on the asset of community value register wants to sell the property they will be required to notify us.

If you and your eligible community group are interested in buying an asset that is on sale you will need to notify us of your interest.

Under the Community Right to Bid legislation, the property will then be placed under a six-month Moratorium period.

The asset is unable to be sold during this period and you will be able to prepare a bid for the property. 

We play an administrative role in this process. Our policy (which you can download below) gives information on the process you need to follow to list an asset of community value and our involvement in the process.

Last updated 22 August 2022
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