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Melton in Bloom

Melton in Bloom was first formed 12 years ago.

Whilst continuing to maintain their previous achievements, the group are working towards and encourage others to join them in turning grey areas, grot spots and dead spaces into new life by creating green areas for the enjoyment and wellbeing of everyone living, working and visiting Melton Mowbray.

By working together with all the local community groups, schools, businesses and with the support of local statutory bodies, they will be adding value to all lives, whilst taking environmental responsibilities very seriously. The work encourages the support of local conservation, bio diversity and the protection of wild life habitats throughout the area.

Melton in Bloom are always looking for more volunteers to join them, if you are interested then please email meltoninbloom@hotmail.co.uk

Melton in Bloom locations around the town:

Below gives some detail of the work carried out by Melton in Bloom's very small group of gardening volunteers.

St Mary's Parish Church

All the beds around St Mary’s Church are cared for and maintained by Melton in Bloom volunteers with the help of some of the Church congregation.

The cottages at the side of the Church have been worked on by John Ferneley College Duke of Edinburgh students for the last two years.

St John's RC Church and Melton Museum

St John’s Church and Melton Museum are two recent additions to Melton in Bloom’s projects. Gardening volunteers work on them with the support of members of the Church congregation.

The Woodland Corner

Located on Wilton Road and Park Road Corner, this area was taken on by Melton in Bloom's gardening volunteers in 2017 to turn a very grey area into a greener environment. The original planting of this area was sponsored by Santander. Melton in Bloom volunteers have worked very hard to maintain this bed located at a very busy junction of our town.

The Medieval Bed

This site is located on King Street and St Mary's Way Junction. Melton in Bloom volunteers have done a tremendous amount of work over the last six months to return this bed to its original state. They have recently received sponsorship from BeerheadZ, a nearby business, to purchase the planting which is needed to recreate the Medieval Bed. 

This is Roger de Mowbray, the first Lord Mowbray. He has been kindly recreated for Melton in Bloom by the staff of the Melton Mowbray Carnegie Museum to stand in the Medieval Bed located in Kings Street. You will find him there in good weather at the times when BeerheadZ is open as he stays with them after closing time and on days when the weather is not suitable for him to be out. Do go and see him.

The Heritage Beds

Located on the old river basin in front of the Council Offices and the entrance to the park, Melton in Bloom volunteers have worked on the Heritage Beds since Melton in Bloom was first formed. When these beds were conceived they were taken on by various businesses and local groups, but over recent years Melton in Bloom have carried out a huge amount of gardening maintenance here with the support of the Council who provide the funding of the planting of these beds.

They are currently trying to raise funding for a Red Arrows Sculpture to go into the Jubilee Bed. They would also like the offer of someone skilled at woodwork to update the train and carriages in the Railway Bed.

The Railway Station

Melton in Bloom gardening volunteers have for many years cared for the five tubs at our Railway Station. For the last two seasons the plants for these tubs have been provided by Brooksby Melton College. The staff working in the Booking Hall at the station have kindly watered these planters for Melton in Bloom. This is a focal point for huge numbers of people travelling through our town on the train and they would very much like to be able to update the planters at the station in time.

Last updated 6 September 2021
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