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Licence variation

Licences for premises and club premises certificates can be varied at any time.

Minor variations are a useful way of making small changes to licences where there will be no impact on the Licensing Objectives. You can check minor variation guidance (opens in a new tab) to see whether the changes you want to make can be done by a minor variation, or whether you will need to make a full variation.

Payment by debit card can be made by clicking the button below (please note that credit cards are not accepted)

Apply for a minor variation

1. Send us a completed minor variation application form with the current fee of £89.

2. Immediately send a copy to Leicestershire Police. See "contact details for the responsible authorities" for contact details.

2. Display a completed white notice outside your premises for 10 working days to make people aware, in case they wish to make a representation. The white notice template can be downloaded below.

We will process the application and let you know the outcome once the time for representations has passed.

Apply for a full variation

1. Send us a completed variation application form.

2. Pay the relevant fee

3. Immediately send a copy of your application to all the Responsible Authorities.

4. Display a completed blue notice outside your premises for 28 days and put a copy of this notice in the local newspaper within the first 10 working days. The blue notice template can be downloaded below.

5. If you are varying from a club certificate, or from a licence without alcohol on, to one with alcohol sales, you must also provide a completed vary designated premises supervisor (DPS) application form and consent form

Once the 28-day consultation period has passed, we will either grant the licence if no representations have been made, or convene a hearing of the Licensing Committee, to which you would be invited, to decide the application.

Contact details for the responsible authorities
Responsible Authority
Number of copies
Postal address
Email address
The Licensing Authority Two

The Licensing Officer
Melton Borough Council
Parkside, Station Approach
Burton Street
Melton Mowbray
Leicestershire, LE13 1GH

 Fire Service


The Chief Fire Officer
Risk Management
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service
12 Geoff Monk Way
Leicestershire, LE4 3BU

Police, and protection of children from harm


The Chief Officer of Police
The Licensing Section
Mansfield House
74 Belgrave Gate
Leicester, LE1 3GG

Trading Standards One

Trading Standards
Business Services
County Hall
Leicestershire, LE3 8RN

Planning One

Planning Department
Melton Borough Council
Parkside, Station Approach
Burton Street
Melton Mowbray
Leicestershire, LE13 1GH

Public Health One

Licensing Applications
Public Health Directorate
Leicestershire County Council
County Hall, Glenfield
Leicestershire, LE3 8RA

Health and Safety, and Environmental Health  One

Environmental Health
Melton Borough Council
Parkside, Station Approach
Burton Street
Melton Mowbray
Leicestershire, LE13 1GH

Home Office One

Alcohol Licensing Team
Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road

Last updated 13 December 2023
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