House to house collection permit

If you are planning to carry out a collection of money (or articles for sale or use) by going from house to house in the borough (including business premises) and the proceeds are for charitable purposes, you will need a permit from us.


Direct Debit pledges

You do not need to apply for a permit or notify us if you wish to obtain direct debit pledges for registered charities.

Home Office Exemption

Large charities sometimes have a Home Office exemption from registering with us, however, they must still inform us of the dates on which they wish to collect.

How to apply

Contact for an application form. Complete and submit the application form to the Licensing Department at least 28 days before the collection date. If your proposed dates are not available, you will be notified with alternative dates.

You will be issued with a permit ahead of your collection along with a HM Stationary Certificate and Form of Statement.

HM Stationary Office Certificate

When we grant a permit to collect, we'll also send you a certificate for the information of HM Stationery Office.  This certificate must be taken or sent to HM Stationery Office who will issue you with the prescribed certificates of authority and number of badges that you need. 

HM Stationery Office Address

HM Stationery Office, 18 Central Avenue, St Andrews Business Park, Norwich, NR7 0HR

Telephone number 0333 2025070

Please be aware that it is an offence for any collector to collect without having in his or her possession the required signed authority and badge.

Form of Statement

Within one month of the collection taking place, you will need to submit a completed Form of Statement showing how much money has been collected and how it has been allocated.


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Last updated 25 October 2023
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