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Non-commercial (small society) lottery registration

Societies, clubs and charities often raise funds by selling lottery tickets to the general public. If you sell tickets in advance of the draw (for example in the days prior to the event) then you will need to have a non-commercial (small society) lottery registration. You do not need a registration where tickets are sold only at the event to attendees, for example a tombola.

To register as a non-commercial (small society) lottery in the Melton borough area, please complete the form in the downloads panel below and submit it to us with the registration fee of £40. We will then process the application and issue a registration certificate for a year. See "renewal of Non-commercial (small society) lottery" below for instruction on how to renew.

Payment can be made using our online payment system below. Alternatively, payment can be made by telephone or by cheque made payable to Melton Borough Council. 

Renewal of Non-commercial (small society) lottery

We no longer require an application form to renew your non-commercial (small society) lottery. However, we require the annual renewal fee of £20 prior to the renewal date or a new application will be required which costs £40. You can pay your annual fee via the online payment button above, please provide us with your society lottery name and number by sending an email to the licensing team so we can link the payment to your registration.

Return by promoter

After a lottery, the promoter will need to submit a return to us. You can do this online via the button below.

Change of promoter details

You must inform us if there has been a change in promoter. You can do this by clicking the button below

Last updated 18 March 2022
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