Stockyard Masterplan

The Stockyard Masterplan has been put together jointly by Melton Borough Council working closely with Melton Mowbray Market and Greig & Stephenson Architects (GSA) in consultation with a range of stakeholders.

GSA has particular specialism in market redevelopment. The practice is passionate about the wider social and economic regenerative qualities of markets, and the key role of the individual’s business on the success of projects. GSA’s team brings a fundamental commitment to environmental and and social sustainability to all projects.

This Masterplan for the development of the southern part of the Cattle Market site emerges to support the ‘Rural Capital of Food’ Vision outlined in the Destination Management Plan (2019) prepared by the Melton Place Board.

Investment from the Levelling Up Fund round 2 bid is sought to develop a range of activities, namely:

  1. A destination Anchor Building on the site for food production, café, communal space for education, networking and visitor facilities.
  2. New build Production Hub with a flexibly designed volume to accommodate a range of production activity types.
  3. Small, pre-fabricated production units with shared facilities and frontage to square for retail and leisure uses.
  4. Conversion of under-used, dilapidated buildings and sheds into food production units where the production activity is part of visitor attraction.
  5. Creation of a flexible, multi-purpose events space with increased capacity for utilities and car parking to accommodate larger number of people.
  6. Improved infrastructure with additional toilets, lighting, signage and power supply to facilitate safe and accessible events and festivals that attract national and international recognition.

You can view the Masterplan below.

Last updated 7 May 2024
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