A Vision for Melton Mowbray Town Centre

Melton Mowbray has a unique heritage as a rural market town. It has served in one way or another as the economic heart of the Melton borough for the last 1000 years and during this time has seen enormous changes. It is a place where people, work, live, shop, socialise and gain an education and over the last 10 years has earned its reputation as the Rural Capital of Food.

We have worked with partners and stakeholders to prepare a long term and aspirational vision with a deliverable action plan for the development of the town centre.

The vision

The Melton Mowbray Town Centre Vision document was adopted on 21 September 2022 and is available to view below.

The vision for the town is to strengthen Melton’s position as the ‘Rural Capital of Food’ and to maximise the potential of Melton Mowbray as a rural market town. The document builds on an extensive body of work, including consultation with the community and local stakeholders, along with the existing evidence base, establishing a direction for future developments, setting out how tangible change and increased investment could take place to capitalise on opportunities.

It brings together the plans of all relevant stakeholders in a coherent way and demonstrates how the shared vision will be achieved by collaborative efforts of all involved.

The vision will be used to develop and support further documents, providing strategic backing for any future funding and investment opportunities relating to the town centre.

You can view the Town Centre vision below.

The Action Plan

The Action Plan summarises the projects proposed in the vision document in a structured way. The Action Plan is a live document that will be reviewed and updated on annual basis. Melton Place Board will be the advisory group to the council, steering and monitoring the progress on delivery of the action plan.

The projects identified are not a commitment from the Council or any organisation, they are identified as a potential list of activities that can help deliver the town centre vision.

The purpose of the vision and the Action Plan is to provide strategic backing for any future funding and investment opportunities. The success of the delivery for the vision relies on a range of categories and associated activities that would be delivered in parallel.

You can view the action plan below.

Last updated 13 January 2023
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