Planning Enforcement Information

The Planning Enforcement department look into complaints about potential breaches of planning control.

These might include:

  • unauthorised building works
  • untidy land
  • removal of protected trees
  • breaches of planning conditions
  • unauthorised changes to use of buildings or land  

The primary aim to achieve a balance between freedom of landowners to use and alter their land or properties whilst at the same time needing to safeguard amenities from significant harm. This is set out in the Town and County Planning Act 1990. 

Developers and landowners are advised to make sure they have the necessary approval to undertake work before they start and not assume that they will get consent retrospectively.

We are able to offer planning pre-application advice to assist with this.

Report a breach to planning enforcement

If you are concerned about a development near you which you think does not have planning permission, you can tell us about it by submitting a planning enforcement complaint.

What happens next?

Whilst there is a range of actions available to us, enforcement action is a discretionary power. Action will only be considered if:

  • The development has occurred without the appropriate permission or consent
  • The alleged breach would result in significant and irreparable harm

Any enforcement action must be within the public interest and should be in line with the breach in question. All alleged breaches of planning control are investigated in accordance with our Planning Enforcement Policy.

Last updated 21 December 2023
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