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Equality Framework for local government

The Equality Framework has been designed to build upon and recognise the existing equality work already undertaken under the Equality Standard.

The framework aims to be simpler, smarter, proportional, and relevant. The framework is based on three levels of the old Equality standard:

  • developing
  • achieving
  • excellent

Each level of achievement in the Equality Framework has five areas of performance:

  • Knowing your communities
  • Leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
  • Involving your communities
  • Responsive services and customer care
  • A skilled and committed workforce

An 'Achieving' Council

In March 2012 we were externally assessed against the new Equality Framework and received confirmation that we were an ‘Achieving’ Council.

The external review team praised the Council on its coordinated focus on the priorities of People and Place, its innovative use of the Children Centres, and strong evidence of effective partnership working, which is enabled further through the delivery of a true multi-agency building, Parkside. Other areas of strength picked up were around community safety initiatives and support for the Young Mayor and the Youth Council.

Last updated 24 August 2021
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