Order a new bin

New Property

If you have recently moved into a new property and do not have both a black and a brown bin, a charge of £44.34 per bin is applied. When moving into a new build property, please check your developer has not ordered the bins on your behalf. 

You can order a new bin using the online form below. 

Lost or stolen bins

You can order a replacement bin from us by using the online form below, a £44.34 charge per wheeled bin is applicable.

Before ordering your new bin, please check that it has not been left at a neighbour’s property or further down the street. 

There are several things you can do to help prevent bins being stolen:

  • Use a permanent marker to clearly mark your address on your bin.
  • Store your wheeled bin in a secure location.
  • Where practical, try not to place your bin out for collection the night before (as this leaves more time for it to go missing). Remember, your bin should be placed outside for collection before 7.30am.
  • Try to ensure that your bin is brought back in as soon as possible after the collection (your neighbour may be able to help you with this).

Changing your existing wheeled bin to a different sized bin

If you would like to change the size of your wheeled bin an administration charge of £20.56 per bin is applicable. There are two sizes available large (240 litres) and small (140 litres). 

You can order a different size bin using the online form below. 

Order a new bin

To arrange a new bin, you will need a valid debit card available. If your bin have been lost or stolen, you are in a new property or you would like to change the size of your bin, you can use the online form below.

Alternatively you can call Customer Services on 01664 502 502.

If your wheeled bin has been damaged you will need to report this to our Customer Service team by calling 01664 502 502.

Please note: This service is only for domestic properties. We do not provide wheeled bins for businesses.

Damaged bins

If your wheeled bin has been damaged you can order a new one from us. If the bin has been cracked or broken within two years of the date of delivery, we will replace it free of charge. If the bin is over two years old there is a £44.34 charge for each replacement bin ordered.

Please call Customer Services on 01664 502502 to report your bin is damaged and order a new one.

Can I buy my own bins from elsewhere?

You do not have to purchase your wheeled bins from us, you can provide your own. Any wheeled bin used must meet the EN840 standard and they must match council bin specification. For example, the colours and current sizes for each type of bin.


If your property has been assigned sacks the charge is £20 for sacks. Please call Customer Services, on 01664 502 502, to place an order. 

Garden waste bins

The collection of garden waste is managed externally by Biffa. You can sign up for the Green Waste Club via the link below. Both new and additional garden waste bins are a charged for service, currently this is an annual charge.

Last updated 7 November 2023
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