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Independent Persons

What this role involves

Melton Borough Council appoints a pool of Independent Persons to play a key role in promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct amongst Borough and Parish Councillors.

All the elected Members, co-opted Members of the Council and Parish Councillors work to a Code of Conduct and the Independent Person is required to consider any complaints against Members, co-opted Members or Parish Councillors and give advice to both the Council and the Councillor being complained about.

The Independent Person is also be required to give advice following any investigation and they may also participate in employment matters of Chief Officers.

Those involved in this role cannot be related to, or be a close friend of current or former Members or Officers of Melton Borough Council nor can they be engaged in political activity.

Currently the Council has appointed a pool of six Independent Persons for the period to May2025.

Last updated 2 September 2021
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