Working for the Council - Veterans and Reservists

We have committed to being a Veteran and Reservist friendly employer. We recognise the Council has a role to play in helping those leaving the Armed Forces (veterans) to fulfil their potential in civilian life. 

We operate a Guaranteed Interview Scheme for Veterans and Reservists as a commitment that the Council has made to support the Armed Forces Community Covenant. This commitment is to guarantee an interview for any veterans and reservists that meet the selection criteria set out in the job profile for roles that are advertised externally.

The scheme does not guarantee a job for a veteran or reservist.  The recruitment and selection procedures will ensure the most suitable candidate for the job is appointed, based on the selection criteria of the job profile.


The following applicants are eligible for the Guaranteed Interview Scheme:

  • Applicants that meet the selection criteria set out in the job profile,


  • And; if the Armed Forces were their last long term substantive employer
  • Or; is a member of the Reservists

There is a space on the application form to record if you are a Veteran or Reservist to ensure we are aware you may be eligible for the scheme.

Recruitment and Selection

  • Advertising – The Council has agreed to advertise relevant jobs on the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) website in addition to normal advertising processes.
  • Shortlisting - The recruiting manager must check the application form to see if the applicant has declared that they are a veteran. Any veteran that meets the selection criteria for the role and the scheme eligibility must be offered an interview alongside other applicants that meet the selection criteria.
  • Interviewing – The Veterans Military Service Records pack should be checked by the Recruiting Manager at interview.  This pack will outline the veteran’s military service record, alongside their skills and experience.

Where a candidate has falsely claimed to be a veteran or reservist an offer of employment may be withdrawn.

Reserve Forces Training and Mobilisation Policy 

We employ people who are members of the Reserve Forces and recognise the valuable contribution that Reservists make to the UK Armed Forces, their communities and the civilian workplace. We have pledged to support members of or those wishing to join the Reserve Forces by acknowledging the training undertaken and enabling them to develop skills and abilities.   Full details of the policy is in the document below 

Last updated 13 June 2022
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