Our performance: council housing

We aim to provide high quality services that are both cost effective and meet your needs.

To help us see how well we are performing, we:

  • measure how well each of our services are doing
  • compare our performance over time and against similar organisations
  • look for ways that we can improve the services we provide

How are we performing

You can view how we are performing in the visual infographic below. A text based version of this data is available underneath the graphic. 

You can view our full performance information in our Annual report, which you can view and download at the bottom of this page. This indicates how we're performing and helps you to hold us to account as your landlord.

Infographic of council housing performance data. Text based version can be viewed below.


How are we performing


  • 1783 properties in our housing stock
  • 10 Right to Buy properties sold
  • 0 Evictions carried out 

Tenancy and income

  • 160 properties let
  • 94% of rent collected
  • 27% of our tenants pay by direct debit 
  • 11.9% of our rented home are currently in arrears 


  • 97% of tenants were satisfied with their repairs 
  • 90% of repairs were completed in first attendance 
  • 95% of repairs were completed by following appointment 
  • 100% emergency repairs were completed on time 
  • 95% of general repairs were completed on time 
  • 157 days is the average re-let time 

Customer services 

  • 12008 customer service calls received 
  • 79 service enquires and/or complaints received 
  • 18 compliments received 
  • 71 complaints received by stage 1 
  • 2 complaints escalated to Ombudsman 

Safety in our Properties

  • 99% of our stock have a valid gas safety check 
  • 97% of our housing stock have a current EICR certificate 
  • 100% of our flats have a current fire safety risk assessment 
  • 100% of our flats have a current water hygiene certificate  

New installations and replacements 

  • 81 boilers were replaced
  • 22 central heating systems were installed 
  • 13 storage heaters were replaced 
  • 2 roofs were replaced
  • 14 doors were replaced 
  • 429 windows were replaced 
  • 34 kitchens were replaced 
  • 3 bathrooms were replaced 

How we are regulated

We are regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing (RSL), who publish Nation Standards for social housing landlords, alongside the newly introduced Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Tenant Satisfaction Measures are a recent regulatory requirement.

Registered social housing landlords have a duty to collect performance information in line with Tenant Satisfaction Measures as required by the Regulator of Social Housing.

All registered social housing landlords, including Melton Borough Council must:

  • Collect performance data in line with the Tenant Satisfaction Measures from April 1, 2023.
  • Annually submit performance results against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures to the Regulator of Social Housing, commencing June 2024.
  • Annually publish performance against specified Tenant Satisfaction Measures, from September 2024.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures are intended to help empower social housing tenants to scrutinise their landlord's performance and in holding their landlords to account.

You can find out more about Tenant Satisfaction Measures on the government website. 

National standards

There are regulatory standards for all landlords of social housing, to ensure that all landlords provide high quality responsive services to their tenants.

Housing complaints and feedback

To make a complaint or give feedback about council housing, housing benefits or private housing, visit our compliments, feedback and complaints page.

Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code

The Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code sets out good practice that allows landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.

You can view our most recent self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code below, which includes performance statistics, service improvements that have been made and planned improvements for the future. 

Last updated 11 April 2024
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