Help to pay your Council Tax bill and rent

Before making a claim below for help with your council tax or rent please check if you will be entitled to help. You can check this by using an independent benefits calculator such as Entitledto. This calculator may also help you understand what other help may be available. 

Help to pay your Council Tax

To make a claim you will need to have a MyAccount login. If you don't already have a login you, can create an account

Help to pay your rent

If you (and your partner, if applicable):

  • have reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit or receive a State Retirement Pension 
  • have been placed in temporary accommodation due to homelessness by the council
  • live in specified accommodation or a sheltered housing scheme
  • started to receive Pension Credit before 15th May 2019

You can apply for Council Tax support and Housing benefit by using the make a claim form above. You only need to fill in one form for both claims. 

Information you need to make a claim

When making your claim you will need the following information (if relevant):

  • most recent wage slips or self employed accounts/books
  • benefit award letters
  • tax credits award letter
  • pension amounts
  • rent charge 

Universal Credit 

If you to not qualify for housing benefit but still need support with paying your rent, you can apply for Universal Credit.

Claims for rent support via Universal Credit and claims for Council Tax need to be submitted separately.

Last updated 24 July 2023
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