Responsible dog ownership



By law a dog over the age of eight weeks in a public place must be wearing a collar and identification with its owner's name and address on and it must be microchipped.

Owners can be fined £500 if this is not the case.


Having your dog microchipped will benefit not only you but also your dog. 

Should your dog be picked up by one of our dog wardens, it will be routinely scanned. If a chip is detected we will contact Pet-log and request the owner's details. Providing the details are up-to-date, our dog warden will return the dog to its home rather than being taken to the kennels. This will not only be less stressful for your dog but it will also save you money in terms of fines.

Dog fouling

All owners have a responsibility to ensure any waste is correctly disposed of. More information can be found on our dog fouling page.

Last updated 12 October 2022
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