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Illegal and underage tattooing

Tattooing requires an environment with a high standard of hygiene.

Illegal tattooists or ‘scratchers’ often operate from home in unsuitable conditions and risk infecting their clients with infectious diseases.

Even if you were charged a fee for the tattoo, it still could have been illegal. 

If you have information relating to an illegal tattooist you can contact us.

We have the power to seek a Court Order to seize tattooing equipment from any property and the tattooist can be prosecuted.

Underage tattooing 

The minimum age for a tattoo is 18 (except for medical reasons). If you have information relating to underage tattooing, please contact Leicestershire Police on 0116 222 2222.

Tattoo Licence 

To apply for a licence for a tattoo premises, please see our licensing pages.

Last updated 24 June 2022
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