Housing disrepair claims

We are aware that there are some ‘no win – no fee’ companies contacting residents in the area.

They often say that if you let them into your home they will help you claim compensation for any repairs that they find.

These companies are not approved by the council and will not have a Council ID card or any connection to us.

Most of these companies are trying to make money from landlords such as ourselves, and often customers do not get any money.

If you have repairs in your home that need doing, please just let us know so that we can fix the problem for you as soon as possible. Our operatives and officers will always show their Council ID or contractor ID when they come to your home and as a tenant you are always welcome to ask them to show their ID before you let them into your home. 

Report a repair

We understand that we don’t always get all repairs right first time, and if you are unhappy with our response to a repair we want to hear from you. Our complaints procedure is designed to put things right for you.

You can also report housing disrepair directly to Ombudsman services via their website.

Last updated 5 March 2024
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