Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM)

What are Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Collecting and reporting on Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) is a regulatory requirement. Tenant Satisfaction Measures include information about how we are performing and what our tenants feel about the homes and services we provide.

This information is intended to help our tenants to review our performance as a landlord and and hold us to account. We will also use the TSM information to continuously develop and improve our services.

Along with all other registered social housing landlords, we must:

  • Collect performance data in line with the Tenant Satisfaction Measures from April 1, 2023.
  • Annually submit performance results against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures to the Regulator of Social Housing, commencing June 2024.
  • Annually publish our performance against specified Tenant Satisfaction Measures, from September 2024.

How are we doing?

Our 2023/2024 end of year results 

We have commissioned Housemark, working with Service Insights Ltd, to carry out a Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) survey for the 2023/2024 financial year, with a total of 495 completed surveys collected during November and December 2023.

You can view the most recent tenant satisfaction measures in the visual infographic below. A text-based version of this data is available underneath the graphic. 

Tenant Satisfaction measures results for 2024-2024 (text based results can be found below image)

Our 2023/2024 results (text based version)

Keeping properties in good repair

  • 96% of our properties meet decent homes standard
  • 67% Satisfied that homes are well maintained
  • 74% Satisfied that communal areas are clean, safe and well maintained
  • 72% satisfied with repairs service
  • 96% Non emergency repairs completed in time
  • 100% Emergency repairs completed in time
  • 67% Satisficed with time taken to complete most recent repair

Safety in our properties

  • 79% Satisfied that the home is safe
  • 100% of flats have a current fire risk assessment
  • 99% of stock have a valid gas safety check
  • 100% of lift safety checks have been completed
  • 91% of asbestos checks have been completed
  • 100% of flats have a current water hygiene certificate

Respectful and helpful engagement

  • 28% Satisfied with our handling of complaints
  • 42 Stage one complaints received (per 1000 homes)
  • 5 Stage two complaints received (per 1000 homes)
  • 88% Stage one complaints handled within the Housing Ombudsman’s timescales
  • 100% Stage two complaints handled within the Housing Ombudsman’s timescales
  • 63% Overall satisfaction with the services we provide to you
  • 62% Satisfied that we keep you informed
  • 73% agree that we treat you fairly and with respect
  • 54% Satisfied that we listen to your views and act upon them

Responsible neighbourhood management

  • 64% Satisfied that we make positive contributions to your neighbourhoods
  • 59 Anti-social behaviour cases (per 1,000 homes)
  • 47% Satisfied with how we handle anti-social behaviour cases

How do I complete the Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey?

We complete the Tenant Satisfaction Measures every year and we will provide further information when the next survey is available. 

You can choose to remain anonymous in the feedback you provide or not participate at all, however, we do encourage you to share your feedback, as this is your chance to tell us your views and help identify areas that need improving. 

Find out more 

You can find out more about Tenant Satisfaction Measures on the government website. 

If you have any further queries about the Tenants Satisfaction Measures you can contact the Tenancy Services team on tenancyservices@melton.gov.uk who will consider and coordinate a response to your query. 

We will also discuss our performance with our ‘Your Choice’ tenants' group and we encourage you to get involved. If you are interested please contact consultation@melton.gov.uk or look on our tenant voice and engagement webpages.

Last updated 21 May 2024
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