Our contractors and what they look after

We work with a wide range of contractors who help us to look after your home.

The contractors are listed in the table below, you can find the company name and see what they may visit you for.

If a contractor is due to visit your home, you will receive a letter from us or the contractor beforehand. The letter may give a specific appointment, or a timescale when they may visit.

When a contractor visits you they will be carrying ID to show which company they work for. If you are ever in doubt of their identity you do not have to provide access.

Service area  Who is the contractor and what do they do?
Repairs and Maintenance Axis Europe Ltd do all of our repairs that relate to general building repairs such as brickwork, joinery, plumbing, roofs, internal fittings or electrical works.

Aaron Services Ltd maintain all of our heating systems, including gas, oil, solid fuel and electric. They service all of our heating systems each year and also do all of the repairs that are reported to us.

Aaron Services Ltd also install new heating systems for tenants that are due an upgrade.

Major upgrade work

Matthews and Tannert Ltd carry out most of our major upgrade work. This  work can include replacement kitchens, bathrooms, roofing or major aids and adaptations.
Electrical Crystal Electronics Ltd help us to look after the wiring in your home, they do this by checking the wiring every five years and repairing it if necessary. They also look after our communal TV aerial systems.
Asbestos Tersus Ltd carry out asbestos surveys if required. These surveys can be one of the regular checks that we are required to do, or a more detailed survey if you are due to have upgrade work.


Last updated 5 March 2024
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