Right to Manage

What is Right to Manage?

The Right to Manage offers tenants the option to form a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) which allows tenants to take over responsibility for managing housing services, such as repairs, caretaking, and rent collection from their landlord. 

Tenant Management Organisation's are proven models of community control that can improve service quality, secure better value for money, and boost satisfaction.

As part of a TMO the members are unpaid volunteers who want to improve the quality of people’s lives by taking on more responsibility for local services. 


The Right to Manage regulations came into place in 2012. This introduced a formal process for tenants to exercise their Right to Manage. It replaces the previous guidance explaining the 2008 Regulations.

Find out more?

IF you would like to find out more about the Right to Manage, or you are considering setting up a Tenant Management Organisation you can read the government Right to Manage guidance.

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Last updated 5 March 2024
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