Tenant engagement and your voice

At Melton we believe in putting our tenants at the heart of everything we do and want you to be part of helping us with planning, delivering, and improving our services. By being an involved tenant, you would be providing us your voice and opinions which we can use to help make difference to you and your community.

We are on a journey with our engagement and our tenants and want to provide tenants with different ways to meet and be involved with Melton Borough Councils Housing Services. We want our tenants to be involved with us in different ways and we understand that different tenants might want to invest different levels of time with us. So, whether you want to invest a couple of hours on a one-off basis or commit to something more long-term, there will be something to suit you.

If you want to be involved, we currently have the following areas that you can be involved with us. They are:

Your Choice group

You can join the Your Choice group and you’ll be involved in reviewing our services, helping identify changes/ improvements. By being part of this group, you’ll be representing the voice of our tenants and help us to ensure that our services reflect our tenants experience and their expectations.

As part of this group, it really important that you can look beyond your own personal experience and be able to provide us with a positive approach and be part of a team that plays a vital role in helping to improve our services for all our tenants. This group meets every 6 weeks at our offices in Parkside and lasts around 2 hours.

Landlord Assurance Board

We are launching a new landlord assurance board which will enable a group of council officers, Councillors and tenants representatives to consider information about how the Council operates as a landlord and how we perform. One of the first tasks for the board will be to secure tenant representation, this role is being developed, and a role profile will be produced to provide clarity on this remit and expressions of interest from tenants will be sought in the coming months.

Expressions of interest will be reviewed by the Housing Leadership Team and Tenant Group representatives (Your Choice) to agree upon nominated representatives for the Assurance Board.

The terms of reference for the board can be found in the download panel below.

Email Panel

If you want to just support us at a time that suit, or want you to keep updated, you could also join our email panel. As a member of this group, you can complete surveys or provide feedback on topics we need your opinion on. These can be done from your phone or tablet and at a time that suits you. You also don’t have to take part in every survey we email so it’s an easy and flexible way to get involved. Your views really do matter to us.

If you interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact us at consultation@melton.gov.uk.

Last updated 25 March 2024
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