Apply for an arranger's licence

You will need to apply for a licence if you are a franchise operator or arrange for the provision of accommodation for other people's dogs. A licence is required in each local authority area where the provision is made.

This applies to those arranging for the provision of accommodation for other people's dogs at different host homes. The accommodation provided must meet the licence conditions, and it is the responsibility of the business to ensure that this is the case. As the licensing authority, we need to be satisfied that the conditions are met in all of the accommodation provided. The business must provide (and keep updated) a list of their associated premises. Regulations provide further details and DEFRA guidance is available. 

How does the licence work?

Those who accommodate the dogs will be classed as 'hosts' for the arranger and may operate under the arranger's licence in certain circumstances. Each host will require a copy of the arranger’s licence which must be displayed at each host premises. All hosts must be notified to the Local Authority by the arranger at the time of application, renewal, or if changes occur during the licence period.

If a host meets the business test in their own right (for example, meets the over £1000 business test), they will need their own licence as well as being included in the hosts.

How will the star rating work?

The rating takes into consideration the arranger's policies, procedures and controls; the arranger; and all the hosts operating under the licence. The lowest star rating identified will be the star rating of all operators under the licence in our area. This means it will be possible for different Local Authority areas to have different star ratings for the same franchise arranger as they will have separate licences for each Local Authority.

Home boarders operating under an arranger but with their own licence will have their own star rating. This will not affect or be affected by the arranger's star rating.


There are fees for this licensable activity. You can find these on the animal licensing fees page

How to apply

Please contact the licensing team for the application forms and return by email to or by post to Melton Borough Council, Parkside Offices and pay the fee. You can use our online payment system via the button below selecting 'licences' and then 'Environmental Health licences' from the pick list.

Last updated 21 May 2024
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