Apply for a hairdresser or barber registration

Under the Leicestershire Act 1985, we are required to register all hairdresser and barber businesses in the borough. 

Types of registration 

Business and Premises

If you are the owner of a hairdresser or barber business, you will need to register your business and premises with us. You can do this by clicking the button below. You will be sent to payment automatically.

This registration is for the business named at the premises listed on the registration document only. It is not transferable to any other business owner or premises location. For example,

  • If a new business moves into the location, they would require a new registration as each business requires their own inspection.
  • If the registered business moves location, they would require a new registration as the premises would need inspecting.

How to register


Registration Type     Fee      
New premises £52
Variation £21

What happens next

Following an application, an Environmental Health Officer will arrange a visit to check that health and safety guidelines are met and conform with the local Byelaws (available to download below).

Last updated 1 April 2024
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