Pavement licence

Under the Business and Planning Act 2020, you will need a pavement licence if you wish to place tables, chairs and other items on the highway. A licence will run up to but not beyond 30 September 2023.

You can check the government guidance for more information.

You will need to download, print and display a completed notice at the premises on the day the application is made. The notice will need to remain displayed at the premises for the duration of the 7 day consultation period (which begins on the day after the application is made).

How to apply

To apply you should complete the application form below and provide the following:

  1. A site plan showing the dimensions of the seating area, table and chair arrangement and other furniture/items such as barriers and heaters. This should also include access points, building lines, boundaries, kerbs, etc. Suggested scales 1:1250/1:100
  2. An A4 location plan, clearly detailing the premises and location of proposed outdoor seating area. The location plan may be included as part of the larger site plan. Suggested scales 1:1250/1:500
  3. Evidence of £5 million Public Liability Insurance cover
  4. Details of proposed street furniture (for example chairs, tables and barriers) and manufacturers details where appropriate
  5. Supporting evidence of any consultation you have made with any frontages of the premises, as an example the police or planning department
  6. Photo of the notice displayed at the premises and confirmation this notice will be displayed for the duration as stated above

Please note: The online form will be sent to the Licensing Department, Leicestershire Police, Highways and Planning Department. Any personal information you give to us is covered by the Licensing Privacy Notice.

Next steps

Once the consultation has ended, there is a determination period of 7 days when we will determine whether your application has been granted or refused. You will be informed of this decision. If your application is granted, your licence will be subject to conditions outlined in the Business and Planning Act 2020, any other conditions Melton Borough Council considers reasonable, and any conditions that may be set by highways or police.

Current pavement licence consultations

There are no current pavement licence applications out for consultation.

Public Register

A public register of Pavement Licences is available to download below.

Last updated 15 May 2023
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