We are holding Borough and Parish Elections on 4 May.

Your vote matters, don't lose it. Make sure you are registered to vote and have an accepted form of photo ID to take with you.
Visit our elections pages to find out more or register to vote.

Street collections in aid of a charity

Charities often collect money in the street for worthy causes. If you intend to collect in a public area then you will need to obtain a street collection permit from us.

There is no charge to apply, but applicants must check with us that the dates they want are available as generally only one collection is allowed per day in each area. You can apply via the button below.

Once the collection has taken place, you will need to fill in a return called a "form of statement" showing how much money has been collected and how it has been allocated. You can download this from the download panel below.

Please contact licensing@melton.gov.uk to check the dates you require.

Last updated 20 July 2022
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