Festival Square

The diverse range of events and festivals that currently take place at Stockyard have been key to the successful generation of repeat footfall to the site and wider town area. Many of these events have grown over time and now form part of a national calendar and gain national and international coverage which is hugely positive and enhances the area’s reputation.

However, over the last 5 years it has been acknowledged that more needs to be done to support the continued growth of existing events, but also to expand the event offer, ensuring a full calendar of activity throughout the year. This will give visitors a reason to keep coming to Melton, supporting tourism and all local businesses.

The multifunctional events space in the centre of the site can serve numerous purposes and host a range of different events, whether it be the existing largescale food festivals, that in total generate around 50,000 visitors to the area, sports events such as the petanque championships, and also community activities or things to do in the evening to support the night-time economy such as local music events, drive-in cinemas or small-scale events of interest to the local population.

Uses Of Festival Square

All these activities will drive footfall into the area, enhance peoples’ experience and engagement with the site and surrounding areas, which in turn will positively influence the town’s reputation.

The ambition of the project should not only create a rich and exciting anchor within the town, but also catalyse wider development and prosperity for the town centre as a whole.

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Throughout the construction and development process the council is very keen to safeguard the events that currently take place due to their importance to the town and the wider boroughs’ economy. The council has committed to work with event managers and organisers who already use the site to ensure these events can continue to operate within Melton during the construction process.

Last updated 9 May 2024
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