What is being delivered?

New Production Units

The following will guide you through the illustrative design of the new production units that will be situated around Festival Square (the current on-site car parking area).

Anchor Building

The principles of this building will be as follows: 

  • Open plan and flexible to enable multi-use within the site.

  • Complementary to its surroundings whilst acting as a point of focus to announce the development.

  • Use of materials that will complement its surroundings whilst blending in with the wider site.

  • Green friendly initiatives to lower environmental impact.

Image of proposed anchor building
Grieg and Stephenson images show an artistic impression of different angles, of and from the proposed design of the Anchor Building

Production Hub 01

The Production Hub 01 building will take centre stage providing a vibrant backdrop at the heart of Festival Square. The design principles involved in this facility are as follows:

  • The positioning and design of the building will provide an active frontage facing onto Festival Square, it will provide a semi-covered corridor at the front of the building to encourage people to explore the site. 

Proposed Production Hub 01
  • The proposal plans to complement the tradition of agricultural architecture. The proposed designs will form simple volume providing maximum flexibility within the building to meet occupants needs.

  • Green credentials are proposed to be utilised throughout, looking at the materials proposed and also how the building can support green measures such as the use of solar energy. 

Production Hub 02

Production Hub 2 will sit to the east of the festival square looking in. The principles of this building area are as follows: 

  • The proposed design of this facility will mirror the language of the pitched roofs, reflecting the height of the existing Food Hall at the east side of the canopy.  

  • Flexible by design - allowing for a flexible configuration of differently sized production units to suit future tenants needs, including potential mezzanines to increase capacity if required. 

Proposed Production Hub 02
  • Proposals for this facility include a covered access route with integrated seating and planting. Large, glazed windows will also support the experience element of the site by allowing those exploring to see the activity taking place inside.

  • The dedicated outdoor seating area, the communal heart of the site is being retained within this development.

  • Green credentials are to be explored, including the choice of materials being used in construction of the building right through to solar panels on the roof. 

Production Hub 03

The Production Hub 03 building is proposing to offer smaller units for those who are just starting our on their business journey and will be designed in a way to enable this. The proposals for the design include: 

  • Flexibility of use and size is key to future success acting as an incubator for smaller businesses who may in the future move to larger units on site.  

  • Flexibility at the construction stage will enable the facility to double up as a covered seating area or a small events space should the units not be in full use.

Proposed impression of Production Hub 03
  • The building's canopy is designed in a manner to announce the site from those accessing from the new entrance being created in the south-west of the site, from Nottingham Road. 

  • Planting and seating to create an attractive environment and increase the time spent onsite by visitors.

Last updated 9 May 2024
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