Scalford Airbnb owner fined for breach of Planning Contravention Notice

Property that was subject to enforcement in Scalford

Melton Borough Council have prosecuted a Scalford resident who pleaded guilty of failing to comply with a planning contravention notice which was issued regarding a suspected breach of planning. 

Planning contravention notices can be issued by local planning authorities where they believe there may be a breach of the planning system and require further information in order to investigate. It is an offence to fail to comply with a planning contravention notice. 

Donna Albery–Arrowsmith, 48 of Eastwell Road, Scalford was issued with a planning contravention notice by Melton Borough Council, following a complaint that a dwelling was being used primarily as an Airbnb without the relevant permission. Mrs Albery-Arrowsmith failed to provide the requested information to the Council which led to the Planning Enforcement Team working in partnership with the Council’s Legal Team to prosecute the case. 

Mrs Albery-Arrowsmith was fined £120, ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £48 and pay the council’s full costs of the prosecution of £1254.19.  

Speaking on the prosecution, Councillor Margaret Glancy - Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Governance, Environment & Regulatory Services said: “It is disappointing that Mrs Albery-Arrowsmith failed to respond to the notice to allow officers to investigate the alleged breach. 

“Planning rules are in place for a reason and the Council takes allegations of breaches very seriously. I hope that this prosecution sends a clear message that breaches of planning and failing to cooperate with an investigation will not be tolerated and legal action will be taken if necessary. The success of this case demonstrates the positive partnership work from the Planning Enforcement and Legal teams”. 

Residents that intend on changing the use of land or property, should follow the planning rules that are in place. If they are unsure as to whether work requires permission, advice should be sought from the council and most information is available online-

Concerns about the use of a property, land, or tree, can be reported to the council:


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27 November 2023