Asset of Community Value Nomination Upheld by Judge

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The Council's decision to list The Black Horse, Grimston, as a community asset has been upheld by a Tribunal Judge, following an unsuccessful appeal.

The Black Horse, was nominated by Grimston, Saxelbye and Shoby Parish Council in February 2020.  Melton Borough Council decided the property should be listed because it was considered an important amenity venue for residents. 

Upon request, the Council reviewed its initial decision in June 2020 and deemed that it had been properly nominated as an asset of community value (ACV).  

An appeal was subsequently submitted by the owners of the property and was considered by a Tribunal Judge at the end of 2020.

The Judge dismissed the owner’s appeal and ruled that the property did further the social wellbeing and/or social interests of the local community and, despite now being closed, had done so in the recent past.

When analysing the case the Judge found that The Black Horse in Grimston, was a place in which the local community can enjoy socialising, drinking, dining and meeting each other.

The property has hosted social events, sports team events and organised food nights for the local community, all activities which are considered to further the social interests of the local community and enable the property to qualify as an ACV. 

Cllr Joe Orson, Leader of the Council stated, “We are pleased that the Judge upheld the Council’s decision  and dismissed the appeal. We understand the importance of this historic property to the local community.

Since 1828, it has served the interest of the Parish and surrounding areas, providing a place for local residents to gather, socialise and run community events and it is important that such community assets are protected.”

Cllr Ronan Browne, Councillor for Frisby on the Wreake Ward, added “Over the past twelve months, we have worked together as a community to  assess the various options that could ensure The Black Horse, which is an integral part of the Grimston,  Saxelbye & Shoby Parish, remains a place in which the community can gather.

This decision adds great weight as to the importance of having a pub in the Parish and hopefully it won’t be long before it is opened again, welcoming local residents and visitors from afar to socialise together once again.”



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28 January 2021