Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 update

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The Council launched the Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 in September 2020.

To ensure the strategy reflected the needs of the residents, an extensive consultation took place to seek community feedback regarding the proposed new strategic priorities.

Allowing the Council to determine the focus over the next 4 years, the key investment decisions, and the proposed actions to take to support these key investment decisions.

Cllr Joe Orson Leader of the Council said, “Although it has been a difficult and unpredictable year for all of us, the Council has still endeavoured to make progress in meeting the priorities set out in the Corporate Strategy, which focused on some vital areas for the borough both before and after the pandemic starting.

"It is important for us to share our progress in meeting the priorities with everyone in our borough. We want to be honest an open about how we are delivering our mission of ‘Helping People, Shaping Places’ in Melton.”

Since the launch of the strategy. the council have made progress in meeting many of their aims for the next four years.

In order to invest in digital systems that will improve services to customers, the council have launched the new ‘My Account’ platform on the website which has improved seamless services for customers, with over 10,000 accounts now being live.

To help focus support services in Melton through the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the council also set up the Community Support Hub to support vulnerable people within Melton, building on incredible goodwill and community spirit since the start of the pandemic.

Melton Borough Council is committed to maintain our Armed Forces Covenant and support our veterans. To help achieve this there is an officer dedicated to supporting veterans, fostering increased community activity to meet the needs of the Armed Forces community.

Another priority was to focus on housing, both council housing stock and private housing available in the borough.

Melton borough council aims to develop and deliver significant capital programmes to improve quality of the council's housing stock.

To achieve this, the council has spent over £1.2m on our capital programmes, including £614k on Fire Safety Works, £253k on Central Heating, £132k on Aids & Adaptations, £104k rewire and £99k on major voids works.

To increase the private housing supply over the next few years the council aim to support private development, private landlords, and use council assets to build more homes.

During the past year the council have supported 90 new affordable homes being delivered through the planning process in 2020/21, which is an increase of 23% on the previous year.

Alongside increasing housing in the area, the council wants to ensure the facilities and infrastructure within the borough reflect and support the housing development growth.

Campaigning for a second GP surgery for Melton and identifying potential locations is a big part of this.

The Council has been working closely with NHS representatives from the Clinical Commissioning Group and Primary Care Network to bring forward a Plan for health in Melton, with the focus on additional primary care facilities being delivered within the Borough.

This work will continueThe Council is also continuing to work closely with the County Council in securing delivery of the MMDR and has brought forward a range of planning documents to support it, including most recently a draft Developer Contributions SPD which will be consulted upon shortly.

To ensure the borough remains a great place to live and our environment is looked after the council are committed to investing in enforcement to tackle environmental issues that matter to our communities such as litter and inappropriate behaviour.

An essential part of tackling these issues is resolving matters through engagement and education.

Undoubtedly in some cases further enforcement is required and this had led to 102 warning notices being served, of which 55 became full enforcement notices, 25 fixed penalty notices being served and 5 prosecutions being made.

Finally, to help with the economic growth in the borough and to support Melton through the recovery stage of the pandemic the council continue to work with partners to promote Melton and improve tourism programme.

A new destination website ”” launched July 9 to support the re-opening of the hospitality and tourism sector. As part of this Melton Borough Council will continue to work with stakeholders to develop and promote events in the borough.

Full details of the Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 and the work that the council has been doing to meet the priorities can be found on the Melton Borough Council website:

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20 July 2021