Council approves proactive five-year plan to invest in tenants homes

Beckmill Court

The Council approved the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Asset Management Plan at their meeting on 20 December 2022.

The Asset Management Plan is an important part of the Council’s commitments to its tenants and has been shaped by what tenants have said matters most to them. It also sets out how the council will achieve the aspirations set out in its long term housing Business Plan, which was approved in July 2022. 

The evidence based plan covers the period 2023 to 2028, and is based on the latest practices, guidance and data. Key to ensuring investment in the right things, the council has utilised data from a survey of over 90% of its housing stock, leading to a clear plan of the investment required to maintain and improve council homes.

The plan emphasises the importance of maintaining decent and safe homes and responds proactively to regulatory change to ensure continued compliance and tenant safety. It also sets out plans for energy efficiency, planned maintenance and maintaining up to date information to inform future investment planning.

Some of the key proposals of the plan include:

  • By 2028, 100% council homes will meet the decent homes standard
  • By April 2024 all aluminium windows will have been replaced with UPVC windows
  • The programme to replace the remaining storage heaters in 240 council homes with energy efficient alternatives will be accelerated, to ensure that all storage heaters are replaced over the next five years
  • New arrangements to consult with tenants on planned improvements to their homes, giving tenants and leaseholders more choice on improvements wherever possible
  • Upgrading assistive technology in tenants homes, to ensure the Council is ready for the digital switchover in 2025
  • Upgrading and improving bathroom facilities at Gretton Court, commencing in 2023
  • An evidence led and proactive approach to identifying and addressing common causes of damp and mould

At the beginning of each year’s investment programme, the Council will contact tenants who are due to have improvements to their property that year. Tenants can also contact the council to access this information.

Cllr Ronan Browne, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Landlord Services, said “Listening to our tenants is essential in helping shape the way that we improve and deliver services to them. In the creation of our new Asset Management Plan we have surveyed the majority of our housing stock and consulted with our tenants to gain the best understanding of where our priorities should be and proposed an initial investment of £12.85 million over the next 5 years to carry out the improvements.

“This plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it is still fit for purpose and delivering on our goals year on year, with further proposals and investment being considered if required. Our biggest challenge is ensuring energy efficiency and balancing this with ensuring homes are affordable to tenants, but this new plan outlines how we can keep homes modern, safe, and affordable for those who live in them.”

You can view the HRA Asset Management Plan at:

Melton Borough Council will review and update this plan every year to make sure that it remains current, up to date and meeting tenants needs.



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22 December 2022